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There are literally dozens of reasons to use the revolutionary new and easy to use Trackstick GPS vehicle tracking system.  I  never thought I would see the day that I put a tracking device in one of my personal vehicles or company cars.  Then it hit me, when my children started driving, I realized that young drivers sometimes make very poor decisions.  And that goes for employees too as drivers don't always choose the most time or fuel efficient routes.  With the Trackstick II, Super Trackstick and Trackstick Pro, I was able to help everyone make better decisions.  Look into purchasing a Trackstick auto tracking device today.  Collect data, download it to the free-to-download Tracksitck Manager Windows based PC software and Google Earth.  You will then be empowered to learn if there are problems, and you can make the necessary decisions to correct them.

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save gas, get legal proof, monitor employees, satisfy curiosity, protect your children

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trackstick II, trackstick 2Trackstick II

The perfect device for personal GPS tracking.  Bring Trackstick II on vacation or simply carry it along on regular outings to get a better sense of your daily activities or share your journeys with family and friends.

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super trackstickSuper Trackstick

Four times the storage and up to 8 times the battery life of the Trackstick 2 make the Super Trackstick a better tool for for the heavier duty user who wants to keep tabs on anything or anyone that moves.

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trackstick proTrackstick Pro

A more permanent solution that uses vehicle power instead of batteries is the Trackstick Pro.  It’s the perfect solution for anyone that is looking for a way to record and validate vehicle routes.

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super trackstick on

super trackstick on


trackstick gps bike run walk and trackstick gps bike run walk

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Trackstick Quick Start Guide - Tips & Tricks for getting up & running fast

- YOU MUST INSTALL TRACKSTICK MANAGER SOFTWARE FIRST to a Windows computer (no Mac version is available at this time) by downloading it from:

- DO NOT CONNECT TRACKSTICK to a USB port until you have COMPLETELY FINISHED THE INITIAL SOFTWARE INSTALLATION.  Windows will note that Trackstick did not pay their exorbitant logo fee, and you must choose to proceed with the install anyway.

- BE CERTAIN TO USE BRAND NEW, HIGH QUALITY ALKALINE BATTERIES in your Trackstick (Trackstick Pro does not require batteries as it is wired to vehicle voltage for its power).

- The Trackstick On / Off Switch will usually be shipped in the On (UP) position which is marked with an "I".  If it is not in the On (UP) position, firmly slide it to On.  The switch may be very "stiff" and hard to move when the unit is new so be careful so as not to damage the switch when moving it On and Off.

- When you first insert batteries or turn the unit “On”, the Trackstick LED will glow for approximately 3 seconds, and then blink red approximately every 2 seconds as it attempts to locate GPS signals.

- To properly receive satellite signals, Trackstick requires a CLEAR, UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW OF THE SKY.  While AUTO GLASS IS OK, the UNIT MUST NOT BE COVERED BY METAL.  One of the least obstructed in-vehicle locations for a Trackstick is on the front dashboard where it meets the bottom of the windshield.

- There are 24 GPS Satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the Earth and when first switched on, Trackstick systematically attempts to contact each of these 24 satellites.  It ultimately locates and memorizes the 3 satellites closest to its location.  BE PATIENT; while generally faster, this INITIALIZATION PROCESS CAN TAKE UP TO 15 MINUTES.  It is best to remain stationary during the initialization process.  Tree cover, cloud cover and fog will increase the amount of time needed for Trackstick to locate satellites.

- When Trackstick has successfully located its closest satellites, the LED will flash green approximately every 8 seconds indicating the unit is now actively storing GPS location data.

- After the Trackstick has been initialized (memorized 3 closest satellites when first used) the LED will flash green and begin storing data more quickly when the unit is switched On.

- Super Trackstick and Trackstick II must have good batteries and be turned On when connected to a Windows based computer's USB port in order to communicate with Trackstick Manager software.

- After opening your Trackstick Manager Software, Selecting "Tools / Device Properties" will allow you to give a unique name to your Trackstick (which is especially helpful if you have more than one Trackstick).  On this screen, you can also Erase All data in the Trackstick, view the unit's Battery Status, set the Power Mode (Full Power or Power Save) and view the version of firmware programmed into your unit by the factory.

- Once data is present in Trackstick, opening the Trackstick Manager Software and Selecting "File / Download Trackstick Data" will allow you to retrieve and view the data.  Be patient; downloading can take several minutes. The software will ask you to save the data in a file where you may chose whatever discrete name you wish following Windows naming conventions.  The software will then present a table containing all of the information that was captured.  You may then also use the "File / Export to . . . " commands to create a variety of different movies and file formats.

- Tech Support is available at (Select “Support” from the “Department” menu)